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Tehran Plants


Contact Info:

 Tel:+98 21 55214855-8
 Address:Bitumen Unity,Tondgoyan Oil Refinery Co.,Tehran, Iran
 Fax:+98 21 22915360
 Email:[email protected]

Technical Capacities:

  • Access to provinces neighboring Tehran from north (North Khorasan, South Khorasan and Khorasan Razavi provinces, Zanjan, Qazvin, Semnan, etc)
  • Production, storage and loading of four products at the same time
  • Accounting for one-third of POC total production Designing and manufacturing new Bituplast packages for the first time in Iran
  • Mechanization of Bituplast production line Boosting production capacities Utility plant facilities
  • Substation for distributing 3 megawatts of power Decreasing gas pressure by 2,500 normal cubic meters per hour for the plant’s consumption
  • Separate water supply line with a flow rate of 300 cubic meters a day
  • 13 storage facilities with a total capacity of 38,400 tons Measuring and assessing harmful factors in light, noise, ergonomy, gas emissions, physical and microchemical parameters of water, environment Standard lab


70/60, 50/40, 25/85, 100/85 and MC bitumen, emulsion bitumen, polymer modified bitumen, Bituplast bitumen and barreled bitumen

Production Capacity:

The plant has three reactors with rated capacities of 1,310, 4,450 and 5,450 b/d for 690-centistock VB. Following modifications, the three units of the plant are currently producing 3,000, 9,000 and 9,000 b/d respectively. The plant produces 10 tons per hour of polymer-modified bitumen and 20 tons per hour of emulsion bitumen. It also produces 100 tons a day of Bituplast bitumen. Vapor production capacity in the utility plant is 20 tons per hour, cooling water at 100 cubic meters per hour and instrument air at 55 cubic meters per jour.
Staff: 130