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Tabriz Plant


Contact Info:

 Tel:+98 0411 421 2895-7
 Address: Bitumen Unity,Tabriz Oil Refinery Co.,Tabriz, Iran
 Fax:+98 0411 421 2898
 Postal Code:519713111

Technical Capacities:

The technical capacities of the Tabriz plant are as follows:

  • Human Resources: committed, specialized and experienced staff
  • with relevant university degrees
  • Quality: Well-equipped quality control lab for testing bitumen, ISO/IEC 17025 certificate (lab quality management)
  • Maintenance: Carrying out overhaul and repair of compressors and pumps, calibration of all lab equipment
  • Production: Using PLC system in production control, production of bitumen of different grades, simultaneous production of two different grades
  • Storage: the possibility of loading several grades in a working shift
  • Packaging: barrel, pack or Jumbobag


40/50, 60/70, 85/100, 100/120, MC-250 bitumen as well as bitumen emulsions

Production Capacity:

Tabriz Bitumen Plant has two separate units. The older bitumen production unit of the Tabriz plant was launched in 1978 with a production capacity of 1,000 b/d, which currently stands at 4,000 b/d. The new unit of the bitumen plant was constructed in 1998 with a nominal capacity of 5,500 b/d by modeling on the asphalt production unit of Isfahan refinery by Iranian engineers. The production capacity of this unit has soared to 8,000 b/d. Both units are equipped with viscometer indicating viscosity at any temperature as well as the viscosity of feedstock. The plant has also a barreling unit manufacturing more than 1,000 barrels a day. Number of Staff: 92 employees are working in the plant, sales office, barrel manufacturing and barreling plants.