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Procedure for Export Purchase
  1. Selecting a brokerage firm by the customer (companies with a trade card for the export of purchased goods from the country) and obtaining a stock purchase code.
  2. Presenting a written purchase request to the brokerage firm.
  3. Announcing the prepayment amount by the broker and presenting it to the customer.
  4. Depositing the prepayment amount into the account of Hermoz Pasargad Company or the brokerage firm.
  5. Executing the transaction in the stock market by the purchasing broker.
  6. Providing purchase documents by the purchasing broker to the selling broker.
  7. Sending purchase documents (ordering of goods) from the selling broker to the export unit of Hermoz Pasargad.
  8. Depositing money according to the customer’s request for the issuance of a warrant as follows: 8-1 Depositing the equivalent of the transaction value in rials along with a letter of warrant request. 8-2 Depositing an equivalent of 9% of the warrant value as value-added tax in cash (the refund of the mentioned amount is possible through the Tax Affairs Department).
  9. Issuing a sales warrant by the export unit.
  10. Loading from the relevant factory by the carrier introduced by the customer.
Bitumen Withdrawal Guidelines

Customers are required to withdraw the purchased bitumen within the specified period (as stated in the supply announcement). Otherwise, any remaining unwithdrawn quantity will be subject to a cancellation penalty (the penalty rate is 2.5% of the remaining product value, including exchange fees).

  • Customers can become informed about the sales terms based on the export announcement in the commodity exchange, which will be appropriately communicated.

Dear customers, if you wish to receive information about the timing of Oil Pasargad Company’s products on the Iran Commodity Exchange, please provide your contact information (email address and mobile number) to the customer information database at +982123036455.