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Barreling This method of bitumen packaging is very common. The barrel is made of cold-rolled steel. In order to protect the barrel against corrosion, it is coated with rustproof black painting. The barrel is made in a frilled form to be more resistant. Here are the technical specification of this packaging


•    Each trailer can carry 115 non-palletized and 90 palletized barrels.

•    Each 20-foot container can accommodate 110 non-palletized and 80 palletized barrels.

 •    Each 40-foot container can accommodate 150 non-palletized and 137 palletized barrels.

 Addition to Bulk and Drum packing, Pasargad Oil Company offers its products in Bags by using three modern technologies named Jumbo bag, Bitu-bag and Bitu-plast


Packaging and its usage in the bitumen industry have come to the fore for years. Bitumen is carried in packs of various weights. Since in this method, the packaging has two layers, efforts have been made so that the interior layer would not influence the specification of the final product and it will even improve the properties. The exterior layer has been designed so as to resolve problems of solidity, road transportation and long-term preservation of bitumen. Bitumen packaging has the following advantages:
•    Preserving the quality of final bitumen and no need for re-warming like in bulk tankers
•    Long-term preservation of bitumen
•    Lower price than barreled bitumen
•    Allaying concerns about possible use of improper materials
•    Easy transportation    
    Significant heating energy consumption
Tehran plant of POC, is capable to produce Bituplast packages in 40 and 50 KGs. It is possible to package 60-70, 85-100 bitumen and even modified bitumen in this way. The advantages of Bitu-plast packaged bitumen are as follows:
•    Lower energy consumption
•    Easy transportation
•    Proper price
•    Production diversity


•    Type of Bitumen: 60/70 and 85/100 Bitumen and Polymer Modified Bitumen
•    The Palletized box weight:  1.000 Kg
•    The number of packages in every palletized box: 25-30
•    Each trailer can carry 500-600 non-palletized and 540 palletized packages
•    Each 20ft container can accommodate 500 non-palletized and 430 palletized packages
•    Each 40ft container can accommodate 600 non-palletized and 490-500 palletized packages